Thank you for your interest in the Anderson Disc Golf Club.  We believe you have just found the best source for inexpensive entertainment and recreation available in the Anderson area.  Disc golf is a great family activity, that can provide fun, exercise, and outdoor recreation for people of all ages. It is a sport that most people can safely engage in. The cost to get started is minimal, you can begin with one or two discs, that range in price from as low as $5.00, to upwards of $20.00 for premium/collector discs.  Most courses are located in local parks, so there is usually no cost to play.

Anderson is fortunate to have an active and robust community of friendly and helpful people dedicated to growing the sport.  On any given evening, you will usually find some of them on the Sanders Memorial Disc Golf Course, and most are more than happy to teach you the basics, and show you around the course.  We also have a FaceBook page, where you can post requesting assistance with learning about the sport, and usually someone will reply, and offer to meet at the course and get you started. 

On this website, you will find information about our club and activities, leagues, upcoming events, courses in the area, local sources for discs, and links to resources where you can find videos, tutorials, rules, and lots of other Disc Golf related information. We hope you find it useful and informative.


So . . . What are you waiting for?  Grab some discs and get out there and THROW!
Home Course: Sanders Memorial Disc Golf Course, Edgewater Park, Anderson, IN